Catalog: C-Series Inserts

C-Series = Innovation = Savings

Made in the U.S.A.

Cross Tool & Mfg, Inc has been been building high quality Plastic Injection Molding Inserts and Frames at great prices since the mid 1980’s.  Over the last several years we have been continually improving our processes, quality, and capacity.  This innovation has led to the creation of our brand new C-Series Inserts.

C-Series Inserts are still made entirely in the United States of America along with all of our Standard Inserts and Frames.

C-Series Inserts offer off the shelf availability of 5 standard options for return pins and guided ejection.  Also now available are standardized three plate, and stripper plate inserts.

C-Series Inserts save you time and money by combining pockets, waterlines, bolted ear-plates, guided ejector plates, and return pins as options during the manufacturing of your inserts.

Download Entire C-Series Catalog: C-Series Inserts and Components

08/09 C-Series Inserts,  84/90 C-Series Inserts, 10/12 C-Series Inserts, C-Series Pockets, C-Series Waterlines, C-Series Leader Pins and BushingsC-Series Components